This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Entering Dates in the Grid and SQL Panes

Visual Studio .NET 2003

When you enter a valid date in the Grid pane while working with an Oracle database, the Query Designer and View Designer replace the date you entered with a call to the TO_DATE function, using your date as one of the parameters. This assures that the Oracle database correctly interprets that data you entered.

You can enter dates directly in the SQL pane, but you must enter them in exactly the format specified for your database, as specified by the current session's NLS_DATE_FORMAT value. Because there might not be an easy way to determine the correct format, it is advisable to use the TO_DATE function in the SQL pane.

For example, a query might look like this:

WHERE  (HIRE_DATE < TO_DATE('01/01/99', 'mm/dd/yy'))

For details about the TO_DATE function, refer to the Oracle documentation.

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