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Visual J# .NET Articles

Visual Studio .NET 2003

This topic contains links to articles and other sources of information for using Microsoft® Visual J#® with Microsoft Visual J# .NET. For additional articles about Visual Studio .NET, see Articles and Columns.


Exception Handling in J#
Guides you through exception handling (EH) in Microsoft Visual J# .NET, how the common language runtime supports EH models, and what you need to consider as a J# programmer.
Migrating Java Applets to Microsoft J# Browser Controls
Explains the steps to migrate a Java applet to a J# Browser Control as well as the security implications for developers and end-users and the unsupported features in the Technology Preview release.
Migrating Visual J++ COM+ Components to Visual J# and Enterprise Services
Provides the information you need to successfully move your COM+ components to the .NET Framework using Visual J# .NET.
Moving from WFC to the .NET Framework
Describes how Microsoft's Java-language development tool for Visual Studio® .NET, Microsoft® Visual J#® .NET, enables a programmer to access the .NET Framework and build applications using the Java language and provides an overview and comparison of the architecture and feature set of the Windows Foundation Classes (WFC) library and the .NET Framework class library.
Security with Visual J#
Discusses security in the .NET Framework and provides guidelines on upgrading Visual J++ 6.0 applications to Microsoft Visual J# .NET.

Product Documentation

Introducing Visual J#
Provides links to topics discussing the architecture and overview of Visual J#.
Introduction to Visual J# for Visual J++ Users
Discusses using Visual J# for users of Visual J++.
Upgrading from Visual J++ 6.0
Provides links to topics discussing upgrading from Visual J++ 6.0.
Visual J# Walkthroughs
Provides links to sample code showing the capabilities of Visual J#.

MSDN Library Links

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