This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Windows Forms Sample Abstracts for Visual Basic

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The samples listed on this page demonstrate features that can be used in Windows-based applications.

In This Section

Windows Forms: Calc Sample
Demonstrates how to create the equivalent of a control array in Visual Basic .NET by using common methods to handle the individual controls' click events.
Windows Forms: Localization Sample
Demonstrates how to save culture preferences to your computer that persist from run to run of your application.
Windows Forms: Multi-Threaded TCP/IP Listener Sample
Demonstrates a technique for creating a multi-threaded application that generates and listens for TCP/IP traffic.
Windows Forms: Multilingual Form Sample
Demonstrates using different culture information in a Windows Forms application.
Windows Forms: Performance Monitor Sample
Demonstrates how to monitor system performance using performance counters. This sample is also an introduction to performance counters.
Windows Forms: Process Controller Sample
Demonstrates how to build a Visual Basic Windows application for processes and services monitoring.
Windows Forms: Registry Client Sample
Demonstrates how to use the Registry classes to add a new registry key and manipulate the values associated with that key.
Windows Forms: Scribble Sample
Demonstrates a Windows Forms MDI drawing application.
Windows Forms: System Tray Sample
Demonstrates how to use the status area of the Windows taskbar in a Visual Basic .NET application.
Windows Forms: Vehicle Sample
Demonstrates inheritance by implementing a vehicle class for cars and boats.
Windows Forms: Weather Sample
Demonstrates how to use the .NET Framework's XML classes to query an XML document and retrieve the weather forecast for a specified city.
Windows Forms: Winlogger Sample
Demonstrates using a logging component to write to a text file and the Windows Application Event Log.

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