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Visual C# .NET Articles

Visual Studio .NET 2003

This topic contains links to articles and other sources of information that are specifically related to Visual C# .NET. For additional articles about Visual Studio .NET, see Articles and Columns.


C# Programming Language Future Features
Describes four key new features of the C# language, including generics, iterators, anonymous methods, and partial types.
Creating Control Arrays in Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET
Learn how to create and manage control arrays with Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET.
Debugging Windows Forms Controls Created with Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET
Learn the basics of how to debug your user controls, by creating a host application for them to run in. Stepping through code and setting breakpoints will also be discussed.
An Introduction to C# Generics
This article discusses the problem space generics address, how they are implemented, the benefits of the programming model, and unique innovations, such as constrains, generic methods and delegates, and generic inheritance.
Navigating Multiple Related Tables in an ADO.NET Dataset
A dataset in ADO.NET is an in-memory representation of data that can contain multiple related data tables. This paper describes the methods of navigating these related data tables within a dataset. You will create a Windows application in Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET that returns related records based on a selected record, as well as compile aggregate information for related records using expression columns.
Security Concerns for Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET Programmers
An overview of what you need to know about security, both for Windows forms and Web forms in Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET.
Tips and Tricks: Building Microsoft Office Add-ins with Visual C# .NET and Visual Basic .NET
Describes several techniques for creating Office add-ins with Visual Studio .NET.
Using Threads
Learn the different models of threading—single, apartment, and free—and the use of each model. It also introduces a code sample in C# that uses threading to help you write applications that will take advantage of threading.
Visual C# .NET 2003 IDE Changes
Describes four types of new enhancements to Visual C# .NET 2003 that make writing and debugging code significantly easier, including IntelliSense improvements, debugger improvements, build system improvements, and the ability to build applications for mobile devices.
Visual C# .NET 2003 Language Changes
Describes changes to the implementation of the C# compiler that were introduced to keep it 100 percent compliant with the European Computer Manufacturer's Association C# specification.
Walkthrough: Accessing the DHTML DOM from C#
Demonstrates how to use the Microsoft Web browser control and the Microsoft Document Object Model (DOM) to programmatically access the elements of any Web page.

Product Documentation

Designing Distributed Applications
Information on application design decisions, such as system architecture, database design, and international considerations, as well as Enterprise Templates.
Visual Basic and Visual C#
Find out about what's new in Visual Basic, learn more about Visual C#, and discover how to use Visual Basic and Visual C# to develop applications.
Decision Chart
Provides an interactive guide to help you choose which approach or technology to use, as well as links to more information.
Common Tasks in Visual Basic and Visual C#
Lists the most common programming tasks in various features areas (such as Web applications and debugging) and provides links to procedural information.
Visual C# Samples
Describes how you can access sample code, and provides links to descriptions of sample Visual C# programs.
.NET Framework Class Library in Visual Studio
Provides links to Visual Studio .NET topics that support the development of features based on classes in the .NET Framework.

MSDN Library Links

Working with C#
Working with C#, by Eric Gunnerson, offers insights into how C# works, and, more importantly, how you can use it to build robust applications. The column, published monthly, includes lots of code and detailed technical explanations.
Visual Studio Home page at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/
Find pointers to product information, technical resources, additional samples and downloads and more.
Visual C# Home page at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/
Find pointers to Visual C# product information, technical resources, additional samples and downloads and more.
.NET Framework Home page at http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/
Find pointers to .NET Framework technology information, technical resources, additional samples and downloads and more.
Articles and Columns
Provides links to articles and other resources related to Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET.
Visual Basic .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to the Visual Basic projects and languages.
Visual C++ .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to the Visual C++ projects and languages, including Managed Extensions for C++.
JScript .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to scripting technologies.

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