The referenced component 'component' could not be found. <reason>
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

The referenced component 'component' could not be found. <reason>

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The project system could not resolve a particular reference. Double-clicking this Task List item will set focus to Solution Explorer and select the reference that could not be resolved.

Edit the ReferencePath property such that appropriate directories are included in the path.

This error can occur if you move a project to another computer. The ReferencePath property is stored as an absolute path. If reference R1 resides in c:\R\R1.dll on computer A, the .vbproj.user or .csproj.user file will store c:\R as part of the ReferencePath property. If, however, on computer B, R1 resides in d:\R\R1.dll, the project system will not be able to find R1 because d:\R is not on the reference path.

A similar scenario is the source-code-control scenario. If you enlist in a project, the .vbproj.user (or .csproj.user) file is not copied to your computer because it is not stored in source control. Therefore, the initial value of the ReferencePath property will be blank, and any references that rely on ReferencePath for resolution will be unresolved. For more information, see Managing Dependencies in Team Development with Visual Studio .NET and Visual SourceSafe.

This error can also be caused if a referenced project is not in the current solution.

When this error occurrs, the project may not build.

For more information on resolving assembly references, see Troubleshooting Broken References.

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