Cannot copy multifile assembly 'assembly' to directory 'directory'. <reason>
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Cannot copy multifile assembly 'assembly' to directory 'directory'. <reason>

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Multifile assemblies are copied to a subdirectory of the project directory from which they will be run. For example, if the output path is c:\project1\bin, and there exists an assembly (whose CopyLocal property is true) named Test containing files a.dll and b.dll, you will have the following file structure after the copy is complete:

   c:\project1\bin\Test\Test.dll   (main assembly)
   c:\project1\bin\Test\a.dll       (file a.dll)
   c:\project1\bin\Test\b.dll       (file b.dll)

This error would be displayed by the project system if the directory c:\project1\bin\Test could not be created on disk.

This error indicates that you are out of disk space or are hitting the MAX_PATH limit for path lengths.

To correct this error

  • Check for disk space.
  • Move the project to a folder whose path length is less than the path length of the folder the project is currently in.
  • Change the output directory to a folder with a shorter absolute path length (applicable for client projects only).

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