This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Setup and Deployment Scenarios of Duwamish 7.0

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Under most situations, a user deploys Duwamish 7.0 on a single machine. In an enterprise, however, you will undoubtedly need to investigate multiple machine scenarios. Therefore, you may install the Duwamish 7.0 on a single machine, in a distributed manner across multiple machines, or in a non-distributed manner across multiple machines (sometimes called application cloning). The multiple machine configuration may also use a web farm to improve availability, reliability, and performance. On a single machine installation, the entire sample, which includes all architectural layers, resides on a single machine. You may optionally install the database locally or on a separate database server. A single machine installation provides a simple way to deploy and interact with the sample. The multiple machine installations provide the ability to research different scenarios. These different scenarios help you to understand the mechanics behind these deployments and to determine the potential advantages and disadvantages of one deployment scenario over another.

In This Section

Installation Prerequisites
Describes the installation prerequisites for a single machine configuration.
Solution File and Environment Settings
Provides information about the installation process and the steps you must perform to set several default settings.
Single Machine Setup
Provides the steps to perform the installation, making it possible for all the components to reside on a single machine (Windows 2000).
Multiple-Machine Deployment Scenarios
Describes a multiple machine deployment scenario were components reside on various machines with several different distributed and non-distributed deployment options.

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