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Duwamish 7.0 Overview

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Duwamish Books Inc. is a fictitious company that sells books online. Since its model is an e-commerce business-to-consumer pattern that is most prevalent in the typical online shopping experience, it includes basic features such as membership, account management, shopping cart, search, and checkout processes. Duwamish 7.0 is a functional port (using 100 percent .NET technologies) of the popular Duwamish series of applications developed by MSDN. Although the sample itself is built around a fictitious online bookstore, the primary focus areas of this sample are performance, issues related to porting technology from Windows DNA to the .NET developer platform, design patterns, and real-life deployment scenarios in a distributed computing environment. Functionally, it is a complete implementation of the pattern without the fulfillment processes fully implemented (that is, credit card account decrements, checking inventory, and shipping). However, the features are sufficiently complex and cover a broad range of .NET technological areas to illustrate the primary goals.


To address the performance of Windows DNA, the performance of the .NET developer platform, and in particular to compare the performance of Duwamish 7.0 to the performance of Duwamish Books 4.0, the basic search, browse, shopping cart, and checkout operations were retained from Duwamish Books 4.0. Much of the database schema also remained unchanged. The logical distribution in the software architecture was also left intact to maintain an accurate comparison between the platforms.


To demonstrate the technology porting issues from Windows DNA to the .NET developer platform, sections of the documentation that are labeled Key Points explain some processes in the application and explain the relative merit of alternate approaches. The porting is implicit, which means that the original sample must be referenced to capture the actual semantics in porting from one technology to the other. However, where appropriate, the architectural guidance sections point out major feature differences that were leveraged during the port in addition to specific architectural choices and justification of the technology decisions.

Distributed Deployment

To illustrate deployment scenarios, the logical tiers were distributed onto physical tiers. Consequently, the application illustrates several deployment scenarios which all address issues related to setup and installation, load balancing in an Application Center 2000 managed cluster, and the remote access of the components across physical tiers or boundaries.

For details regarding all technologies used in the application, see Technologies Used in Duwamish 7.0.

The application's Web pages assist in the exploration of the application. Links at the bottom of each page reveal the underlying ASP.NET and Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET code-behind source code. The architectural mechanics involved in each component are available by clicking the Behind the Scenes icon.

Release History

Previous versions of Duwamish Books include:

  • Duwamish Books 4.0

    In this prototype, the Duwamish Books application moved from a business model to a Web-based store.

  • Duwamish Books 5.0

    In Duwamish Books 5.0, also known as DuwamishOnline, the Duwamish Books 4.0 prototype was developed for deployment to the Internet.

  • Duwamish 7.0

    Both Duwamish Books 4.0 and Duwamish Books 5.0 were built using Visual Studio 6.0 technologies. Duwamish 7.0 was built with Visual Studio .NET.

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