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Value Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Gets or sets the value part of an HTTP header name-value pair.

strValue = Header.Value [ = strName ]

Return value

strValue As String. The value part of the HTTP header.


A Header object can represent a field from either a response header or a request header.


' Function to get a resource's size by sending a HEAD 
' request to the server and checking the value of the 
' Content-Length header field.
Function GetResourceSize(strServer, strPath)   
   Dim oConnection, oRequest, oResponse, oContentLengthHeader
   Dim strContentLength

   Set oConnection = Test.CreateConnection(strServer)
   ' check for connection errors
   If (oConnection Is Nothing) Then
      Test.Trace("Error: Unable to create connection.")
      Set oRequest = Test.CreateRequest
      oRequest.Path = strPath
      oRequest.Verb = "HEAD"
      Set oResponse = oConnection.Send(oRequest)
      If (oRequest Is Nothing) Then
         Call Test.Trace("Error: invalid request or host not found ")
         If (oResponse.ResultCode = "200") Then
            Set oContentLengthHeader = oResponse.Headers.Item("Content-Length")
            strContentLength = "Content-Length=" & oContentLengthHeader.Value
            strContentLength = "Error, status code: " & oResponse.ResultCode
         End If
      End If
      Call oConnection.Close()
   End If

   GetResourceSize = strContentLength
End Function

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