This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reports in Web Applications

Visual Studio .NET 2003

If you are developing a Web application in Visual Basic or C#, you can host a report on a Web Form with the Crystal Reports Web Forms Viewer, which is available as a control in the Visual Studio Toolbox. This section shows you how to set up the Web Forms Viewer to host a Crystal report.

Hosting Reports in Web Applications

As well as providing the convenience of report viewing on the Web, the Web Forms Viewer can interact with other controls within the same application and can dynamically update the report it is hosting.

Hosting a report in a Web application involves the following steps. (The optional steps deal with customization of the Web Forms Viewer and / or your Web application.)

Creating Web Applications

Adding Web Forms Viewers to Applications

Adjusting Web Forms Viewer Properties (optional)

Accessing Reports in Web Projects

Caching Reports (optional)

Binding Reports to Web Forms Viewers

Interacting with Other Controls in Web Forms (optional)

Building and Running Web Applications

Viewing Reports in Web Forms Viewers

Printing Reports in Web Forms Viewers

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