This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Implementing Runtime Customization

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Implementing runtime customization requires adding code to your application by using either the Report Engine Object Model or the class descriptions of the Web Forms Viewer (for a Web application) and the Windows Forms Viewer (for a Windows application).

You can support user input in your Crystal reporting application in many ways by:

  • Programming an event fired by the user while searching, refreshing, or navigating within a report, which is contained in a Web Forms Viewer or Windows Forms Viewer.
  • Programming an event fired by the user carrying out an action on some other Web or Windows Form control.

    For example, the user can enter a value in a text box and click a button, which fires a button-click event.

There are many aspects of customization your reporting application can support at runtime, which cater to the user's needs. This section lists a few common areas where runtime customization is useful.

In This Section

Deciding Between the Viewer or Report Engine for Customization
Describes how to decide when to use the Viewer controls or the Report Engine for implementing runtime customization.
Customizing the Appearance of the Viewer
Describes how to customize the appearance of the Web Forms Viewer or the Windows Forms Viewer.
Choosing a Report to View
Describes how to choose reports to view at runtime.
Modifying Fonts and Colors
Describes how to customize the look and feel of the report. For example, by allowing the user to choose a font for the report.
Customizing Data Presentation
Describes how to customize the data and its presentation in a report.
Customizing Export Options
Explains how to specify export options at runtime.
Accessing Secure Databases
Explains how login to databases at runtime.
Handling Exceptions for the Crystal Report Engine
Explains how to handle Exceptions for Crystal Reports at runtime.

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