This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Designing Reports

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Use Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET to add reporting capabilities to your application or Web Service. You can create a report from scratch or you can use one of the Crystal Report Experts to help you through the design process.

The reports you create can be hosted in both Web and Windows applications. You can also publish a Crystal report as a Report Web Service on a Web server.

Regardless of what you decide to do with your report, create and make changes to the report itself in the Crystal Report Designer. The Crystal Report Designer enables you to design and modify reports inside the Visual Studio .NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The Designer can be directly programmed from within Visual Studio .NET. You do not need to distribute the Report Designer with your report.

In This Section

Crystal Report Designer Overview
Explains the layout and tools of the Crystal Report Designer.
Designing New Reports
Explains how to access the Crystal Report Designer and provides detailed steps on how to design a new report.
Customizing Existing Reports
Describes how to import reports that use non-Crystal formats, contain unsupported drivers, or were created with an older version of Crystal Reports.
Optimizing Report Performance
Suggests ways to increase the performance speed of reports.

Related Sections

Incorporating Reports into Applications
Explains how to create an application that hosts a report.
Binding Reports to Web Forms Viewers
Lists the binding options available to host your report over the Web.
Binding Reports to Windows Forms Viewers
Lists the binding options available to host your report in a Windows application.
Implementing Runtime Customization
Lists the type of runtime customization you can program with your report.