This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Crystal Reports

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET is the standard reporting tool for Visual Studio .NET; it brings the ability to create interactive, presentation-quality content — which has been the strength of Crystal Reports for years — to the .NET platform.

In the Crystal Reports Documentation

Getting Started
Provides an overview of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET.
Incorporating Reports into Applications
Explains how to create a Web or Windows application that hosts a local report or Report Web Service.
Designing Reports
Explains how to create and format a Crystal Report in the Visual Studio .NET environment.
Implementing Runtime Customization
Explains how to enable users to make changes to reports or report viewers at runtime.
Deploying Crystal Reports in .NET Applications
Explains how to distribute Crystal Report applications to users.
Contains links to walkthroughs, pre-built sample applications, and sample reports.
Explains the Crystal Reports architecture and contains the Crystal Reports class library SDK reference.

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Building Applications
Gives information on creating ASP.NET Web applications and Windows Forms applications.