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Name Property
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Name Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Gets or sets the name part of an HTTP header name-value pair.

strName = Header.Name [ = strName]

Return value

The name part of the HTTP header.


A Header object can represent either a response header field or a request header field. See the HTTP header fields reference topic for more information about specific field values.


' Procedure to print the value of the name property
' for each header object in a headers collection.
Sub PrintHeaderNames(oHeaders)
   Dim oHeader, lCount, strMessage
   strMessage = "Message header fields:" & vbCrLf
   For lCount = 1 to (oHeaders.Count)
      Set oHeader = oHeaders.Item(lCount)
      strMessage = strMessage & oHeader.Name & vbCrLf
   Call Test.Trace(strMessage)
End Sub

See Also

Header object | HTTP Header Fields Reference

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