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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

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Visual Studio .NET 2003

Visual Studio .NET and the MSDN library include the following documentation to help you write Visual C# applications.

For information on See
Features, quick tour, and reasons for using C# C# Language Tour
Sample programs Visual C# Samples
Tutorials C# Tutorials
Compiler options and build errors C# Compiler Options
The syntax, semantics, and design of the C# language C# Language Specification
C++ compared to C# Comparison Between C++ and C#
Keywords, types, operators, attributes, and preprocessor directives C# Programmer's Reference
Arrays, properties, indexers, and other language features C# Language Features
Documenting your code using XML XML Documentation
The kinds of projects you can create Visual Basic and Visual C# Projects
Project settings Setting Visual C# Project Properties
Code assistants Visual C# Code Wizards
Writing Windows applications Creating Windows Applications
Writing Web applications Creating Web Applications and Services
Components, including those you use on servers Programming with Components
Data access Accessing Data
Debugging code Debugging
Distributing a finished program Deploying Applications and Components
Microsoft .NET Framework SDK Inside the .NET Framework

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