/PDB   (Use Program Database)

Visual Studio 6.0

https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa243604(v=vs.60).aspxOverviewHow Do ILinker Options

By default, when the Generate Debug Info (/DEBUG) option is specified, the linker creates a program database (PDB), which holds debugging information. If Generate Debug Info (/DEBUG) is not specified, the Use Program Database (/PDB) option is ignored.

Command Line Project Settings Description
/PDB:filename Use Program Database,
Program Database Name
The linker creates a program database file with the given file name.
/PDB:NONE Use Program Database not selected The linker does not create a PDB, but instead puts old-style debugging information into the .EXE file or DLL. The linker then calls the CVPACK.EXE tool, which must be in the same directory as LINK.EXE or in a directory in the PATH environment variable.

To find this option in the development environment, click Settings on the Project menu. Then click the Link tab, and click Customize in the Category box.

The default file name for the PDB has the base name of the program and the extension .PDB. To override the default name, type a file name in the Program Database Name text box, or specify /PDB:filename on the command line.

Debugging information in a PDB must be in Microsoft Format (/DEBUGTYPE:CV).

Incremental linking is suppressed if the Use Program Database check box is not selected (or if /PDB:NONE is specified on the command line).