/MAP   (Generate Mapfile)

Visual Studio 6.0

https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa243604(v=vs.60).aspxOverviewHow Do ILinker Options

This option tells the linker to create a mapfile.

Command Line Project Settings Description
/MAP Generate Mapfile The linker names the mapfile with the base name of the program and the extension .MAP.
/MAP:filename Mapfile Name This option overrides the default name for a mapfile.

A mapfile is a text file that contains the following information about the program being linked:

  • The module name, which is the base name of the file

  • The timestamp from the program file header (not from the file system)

  • A list of groups in the program, with each group’s start address (as section:offset), length, group name, and class

  • A list of public symbols, with each address (as section:offset), symbol name, flat address, and .OBJ file where the symbol is defined

  • The entry point (as section:offset)

To find this option in the development environment, click Settings on the Project menu. Then click the Link tab, and click Debug in the Category box.

The /MAPINFO option specifies additional information to be included in the map file.