Getting Started with Visual Studio 6.0

Visual Studio 6.0

The Visual Studio 6.0 documentation provides you with many topics that will help you get started.


The MSDN Library is now the exclusive source for all visual tools documentation (it's what you're reading right now!). Within the MSDN Library, you will find many topics to guide you through the documentation:

   This page contains pointers to the many topics that will help you get started with Visual Studio 6.0, including:

What's New in Visual Studio 6.0   Visual Studio contains many new features that make it the best development suite for Windows and the Web.

   Visual Studio now includes the Island Hopper News, an online newspaper sample application. The sample application is implemented in three versions which correspond to a different user skill set and level of experience and demonstrates how the tools in Visual Studio can be used together to create a robust, real-world application.

   The Visual Studio documentation map describes each piece of Visual Studio documentation included in each version. It also highlights the top features of the Professional and Enterprise editions and points to more in-depth information.

   The MSDN start page is the starting point for the more than one gigabyte of developer information included in the library. The library contains all the documentation for Visual Studio and all of the products in the Visual Studio family. You can also access SDK documentation, technical articles, sample code, Knowledge Base articles, and much more.

Visual Studio on the Web

A wealth of information about Visual Studio is available on the web at  On this Web site you'll find updates to the documentation, free downloads, developer information, and much more.