Application Performance Explorer Reference

Visual Studio 6.0


Application Performance Explorer (APE) tests the run-time performance and resource load characteristics of distributed application design scenarios you are considering. With APE, you can run automated "what-if" tests to demonstrate the resource consumption implications of architectural choices you might make.

Distributed applications can use various logical and physical design configurations. It's often difficult to determine how to optimize your application design to fit the workload characteristics of your run-time environment. APE provides a way to test your application design assumptions, and therefore determine which design options work best in certain scenarios and identify tradeoffs between design options.

The following sections provide information to acquaint you with Application Performance Explorer.

Section Description
Application Performance Explorer Concepts Describes how APE can benefit your application designs and how to use it to performance tune your distributed application.
Application Performance Explorer Common Tasks Provides links to step-by-step topics on common APE tasks.
Application Performance Explorer User Interface Reference Describes the user dialog boxes and interface elements.
Application Performance Explorer Error Messages Provides links to topics explaining APE error messages you may encounter, along with workarounds.