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FixedBackground Property (Band Object)
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Visual Basic: Windows Controls

Visual Studio 6.0

FixedBackground Property (Band Object)

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Returns or sets a value indicating whether the background picture on a CoolBar control remains fixed when bands are rearranged.


object.FixedBackground [= boolean]

The FixedBackGround property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to a Band object.
boolean A Boolean expression specifying whether the background picture is fixed or movable.


The settings for boolean are:

Setting Description
True (Default) Background picture is fixed.
False Background picture is not fixed.


The default behavior for the Picture property of a CoolBar control is to display the picture tiled across all bands on the control, using the Top and Left of the CoolBar control as the origin. If the bands are rearranged or resized, the picture is redrawn across all bands.

When the FixedBackground property is set to False, the picture is tiled within each band on the control. If the bands are rearranged or resized, the picture remains fixed within each band.

Note   This property only applies to the Picture property of the CoolBar itself. If a picture is assigned to the Picture property of a Band object and the UseCoolBarPicture property for that band is set to False, the FixedBackground property has no effect on that band.

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