Visual Basic: Windows Controls

Visual Studio 6.0

AllowVertical Property (Band Object)

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Returns or sets a value indicating whether a band will be displayed when the CoolBar controls orientation is set to vertical.


object.AllowVertical [= boolean]

The AllowVertical property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to a Band object in a CoolBar control.
boolean A Boolean expression specifying whether the band is visible or hidden.


The settings for boolean are:

Setting Description
True (Default) Band is visible.
False Band is hidden.


To hide a band at startup when the Orientation is set to Vertical, set the AllowVertical property to False at design time. Setting this property in code enables you to hide and later redisplay a band at run time in response to a particular event.

Note   When the Orientation property is set to vertical, both AllowVertical and Visible must be True for the band to be visible. If either is False, the band will not be visible.