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Visual Studio 6.0

FlatScrollBar Control

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The FlatScrollBar control is a mouse-sensitive version of the standard Windows scroll bar that offers two-dimensional formatting options. It can also replace the standard Windows three-dimensional scroll bar. The FlatScrollBar provides increased interactivity when using the scroll arrows and the scroll box.




The FlatScrollBar provides you with three formatting options.

  • A two-dimensional appearance that duplicates the look of the scroll bar found in Internet Explorer 4.0. The scroll arrows and the scroll bar thumb are mouse sensitive; they change color in response to the mouse pointer passing over them.

  • A two-dimensional appearance that becomes three-dimensional in response to the mouse pointer. The scroll arrows and thumb are beveled when the pointer passes over them. This reproduces the look of the scrollbar seen in Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

  • An appearance identical to that of a standard three-dimensional Windows scroll bar. Three-dimensional mode does not have mouse-sensitive features.

With the FlatScrollBar you can disable either of the scroll arrows,  this provides additional feedback to the user as an indication to scroll in a particular direction based on other factors in the program.

The FlatScrollBar can serve as either a horizontal or a vertical scrollbar depending on you set its Orientation property.

Distribution Note The FlatScrollBar control is part of a group of ActiveX controls that are found in the MSCOMCT2.OCX file. To use the FlatScrollBar control in your application, you must add the MSCOMCT2.OCX file to the project. When distributing your application, install the MSCOMCT2.OCX file in the user's Microsoft Windows System or System32 directory. For more information on how to add an ActiveX control to a project, see "Adding Controls to a Project" in the Programmer's Guide.