Renaming a Table

When you rename a table, the table name is automatically updated in every database diagram in which the table appears. It is updated in the database when you save the table or diagram.

Caution   Think carefully before you rename a table.  If existing queries, views, user-defined functions, stored procedures, or programs refer to that table, the name modification will make these objects invalid.

To rename a table

  1. In your database diagram, select the table you want to rename.

  2. Right-click the table, and choose Property Pages from the shortcut menu.

  3. Choose the Tables tab.

  4. In the Table name box, type a new name. Be sure to choose a name that does not duplicate one in the Selected table list.
    To cancel this action, press the ESC key before leaving this field.

  5. Click Close.

The table is renamed in the diagram as soon as you exit the Table name box.

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