Visual Basic: Application Wizard

Visual Studio 6.0

Application Wizard

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Generates a new, fully functional application from which you build a more complex application.

The Application Wizard lets you generate an application using one of the predefined visual interfaces Multiple Document Interface (MDI), Single Document Interface (SDI), or Explorer-style.

The application you generate:

  • Contains a toolbar and a status bar. The default toolbar for SDI and MDI forms is similar to a Microsoft Office toolbar. It includes the New, Open, Save, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, Bold, Italic, Underline, Align Left, Align Right, and Center buttons. Explorer-style applications have a default toolbar with the Navigation Buttons, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Properties, View Large Icon, View Small Icon, View List, and View Details buttons. You can customize the toolbar. The status bar includes information about the status of the application and the date and time.

  • Can contain forms with objects bound to a local or remote data source. You can bind your form using an ADO Data control, ADO code, or a Data Class. A variety of form types, including Single record, Data Grid, Master/Detail, MsHFlexGrid, and MSChart, can be created.

Once the application is created, you can view and edit the code behind the functionality built into your new application to customize it to your needs. In addition, the code has comments that can help you as you build other applications. Look for "ToDo" in the comments for more information on customizing the code.

Note   You cannot use the Application Wizard to modify existing projects.

You can also save the Application Wizard savings, mainly the Toolbar and Menus settings, in a profile file (.rwp). The next time you run the Application Wizard, you can use the settings.

Use the Application Wizard:

  • As a starting point for developing your application.

  • To eliminate the redundancy in creating applications and still maintain your ability to customize your application.

  • To provide a common look and feel to your applications.