Completing the SQL Server Upgrade Wizard
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Completing the SQL Server Upgrade Wizard

SQL Server 2000

The SQL Server Upgrade Wizard performs a server and data version upgrade using the options you specified. The Microsoft® SQL Server™ version 6.5 are left intact throughout the version upgrade process.

During the SQL Server Upgrade Wizard process:

  • User stored procedures are verified against the contents of syscomments for inconsistencies.

  • All logins, users, and permissions are validated.

If the SQL Server Upgrade Wizard detects any problems, a dialog box appears with this text:

One or more warnings have been logged. Please read the next screen carefully before you begin your upgrade.

For more information about specific errors, see the \Mssql\Upgrade\<servername>_<date>_<time> directory for *.err files.

The Summary of Warnings dialog box displays inconsistencies found in the user objects of accounts. Users should not continue until these are resolved. This output file is located in the \Mssql\Upgrade\<SQLServer_date_time> directory. The file name is associated with the database name and ID, "check65-<dbid><dbname>_err.out" (for example, "check65-007mypubs_err.out"). If the user continues without fixing the listed errors, check the relevant files for objects, logins, and invalid permissions.

If stored procedures have been renamed using sp_rename, the source stored in syscomments must be changed. Drop and re-create the procedure using the new name in the CREATE PROCEDURE syntax.

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