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Repository SQL Tables

SQL Server 2000

The set of SQL tables that make up the standard schema is shown in the following table. For more information about the standard schema, see Repository SQL Schema.

SQL table name Description
RTblClassDefs Stores ClassDef instance data
RTblDatabaseVersion Stores the version and the build of the engine that created the repository database
RTblEnumerationDef Stores EnumerationDef instance data
RTblEnumerationValueDef Stores property values of enumerated properties
RTblIfaceDefs Stores InterfaceDef instance data
RTblIfaceHier Contains information about interface hierarchies
RTblIfaceMem Contains information about interface members
RTblNamedObj Contains values of the Name property exposed by the INamedObject interface
RTblParameterDef Stores ParameterDef instance data
RTblPropDefs Stores PropertyDef instance data
RTblProps Stores property values of annotational properties that are attached to repository objects
RTblRelColDefs Stores CollectionDef instance data
RTblRelshipDefs Stores RelationshipDef instance data
RTblRelshipProps Stores property values of annotational properties that are attached to relationships
RTblRelships Stores instance data for each version combination present in a two-way versioned relationship
RTblScriptDefs Stores ScriptDef instance data
RTblSites Stores translations of local site identifiers to global site identifiers
RTblSumInfo Contains values of the properties exposed by the ISummaryInformation interface
RTblTypeInfo Contains information about type information
RTblTypeLibs Contains information about repository type libraries
RTblVersionAdminInfo Contains information about the properties exposed by the IVersionAdminInfo interface
RTblVersions Contains information about repository object versions
RTblWorkspaceItems Contains information about the inclusion of object versions in workspaces

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