ReportParameter Class
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ReportParameter Class

SQL Server 2000

Represents a report parameter.

public Class ReportParameter 
   Member of [Namespace]

public class ReportParameter 
   Member of [Namespace]
Public Properties

public propertyAllowBlank Indicates whether an empty string is a valid value for the parameter. Boolean. Read-only.
public propertyDefaultValues The default value of the parameter. String.
public propertyDefaultValuesQueryBased Indicates whether the default values of the parameter are based on a query. Boolean. Read-only.
public propertyDependencies A list of parameters whose values are used to retrieve additional parameter values in a query. String[]. Read-only.
public propertyMultiValue Indicates whether the parameter is a multi-valued parameter. Boolean. Read-only.
public propertyName The name of the parameter. String. Read-only.
public propertyNullable Indicates whether the value of the parameter can be null. Boolean.
public propertyPrompt The text that prompts the user parameter values. String.
public propertyPromptUser Indicates whether the user is prompted for the value of the parameter. Boolean.
public propertyPromptUserSpecified Indicates whether a value for the PromptUser property is specified. Boolean.
public propertyQueryParameter Indicates whether the parameter is used in a query. Boolean. Read-only.
public propertyState Describes the state (ParameterStateEnum) of the parameter. Read-only.
public propertyType The data type (ParameterTypeEnum enumeration) of the parameter. Read-only.
public propertyValidValues The available valid values (ValidValue[] objects) for the parameter. Read-only.
public propertyValidValuesQueryBased Indicates whether the parameter's valid values are based on a query. Boolean. Read-only.


A ReportParameter object is returned as output by the GetReportParameters and Render methods and is passed as input to the SetReportParameters method.

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