ParameterStateEnum Enumeration
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ParameterStateEnum Enumeration

SQL Server 2000

Specifies the state of a parameter.

Public Enum ParameterStateEnum
   Member of [Namespace]

public enum ParameterStateEnum;
   Member of [Namespace]

Use the ParameterStateEnum enumeration with the State property of the ReportParameter class.


Name Description
HasValidValue A valid value for the parameter exists.
MissingValidValue A valid value for the parameter does not exist.
HasOutstandingDependencies The parameter has outstanding dependencies. This generally occurs when the valid values or the default value of a parameter is query-based and dependencies exist that have not been submitted to the GetReportParameters method.
DynamicValuesUnavailable The parameter values are unavailable. This state indicates that no valid, query-based values were returned as a result of the query.

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