ParameterValue Class
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ParameterValue Class

SQL Server 2000

Represents data that is used in parameterized reports or in delivery extension settings.

Public Class ParameterValue
   Inherits [Namespace].ParameterValueOrFieldReference
   Member of [Namespace]

public class ParameterValue : [Namespace].ParameterValueOrFieldReference
   Member of [Namespace]
Public Properties

public propertyLabel The label or alternate name for the parameter. String
public propertyName The parameter name. String.
public propertyValue The parameter value. String.


A ParameterValue object is returned as output by the GetDataDrivenSubscriptionProperties and GetSubscriptionProperties methods and is passed as input to the CreateDataDrivenSubscription, Render, RenderStream, SetDataDrivenSubscriptionProperties, and SetSubscriptionProperties methods.

ParameterValue objects are used both in passing report parameters to reports and in passing settings to a delivery extension.

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