Job Class
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Job Class

SQL Server 2000

Represents a user or system job that a report server is actively processing.

Public Class Job
   Member of [Namespace]

public class Job
   Member of [Namespace]
Public Properties

public propertyAction A JobActionEnum value that describes the action that initiated the job. Read-only.
public propertyDescription The name of the item with which the job is currently associated. If the item is a data-driven subscription, a description of the data-driven delivery is returned. String. Read-only.
public propertyJobID The unique ID of a job. String. Read-only.
public propertyMachine The name of the computer on which a job is running. String. Read-only.
public propertyName The name of the report with which a job is associated. String. Read-only.
public propertyPath The full path to the report with which a job is associated. String. Read-only.
public propertyStartDateTime The date and time that the job started. DateTime. Read-only.
public propertyStatus A JobStatusEnum value that describes the status of a job. Read-only.
public propertyType A JobTypeEnum value that describes the type of the job. The possible values are User and System. Read-only.
public propertyUser The ID of the authenticated user who initiated the job, if the job type is User. If the job is a system job, System is returned. String. Read-only.


An array of Job objects is returned as output by the ListJobs method.

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