<Application> Node
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<Application> Node

SQL Server 2000

Provides the root element of an application definition file (ADF). Contains all elements that describe a single Notification Services application.


Node Characteristics
Characteristic Description
Occurrence Required once per ADF.
Updates Cannot be added or deleted.
Node Relationships

You can create an xmlns attribute for this element to specify the Notification Services namespace that is used in the ADF.

Namespaces are used in XML documents to identify the XML vocabulary used in the document. This makes it possible to have identically named elements with different meanings and values and yet tell them apart. It is good practice to include the unique namespace that identifies the XML vocabulary you are using.

Your <Application> node must appear as follows if you want to declare a namespace attribute:

<Application xmlns="http://www.microsoft.com/MicrosoftNotificationServices/ApplicationDefinitionFileSchema">

See Also

For more information about using XML namespaces, see Namespaces in an XML Document in the Microsoft MSDN® Library.

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