Visual Studio 6.0

#pragma comment( comment-type [, commentstring] )

Places a comment record into an object file or executable file. The comment-type is one of five predefined identifiers, described below, that specify the type of comment record. The optional commentstring is a string literal that provides additional information for some comment types. Because commentstring is a string literal, it obeys all the rules for string literals with respect to escape characters, embedded quotation marks ("), and concatenation.


Places the name and version number of the compiler in the object file. This comment record is ignored by the linker. If you supply a commentstring parameter for this record type, the compiler generates a warning.


Places commentstring in the object file. At link time, this string is placed in the executable file. The string is not loaded into memory when the executable file is loaded; however, it can be found with a program that finds printable strings in files. One use for this comment-record type is to embed a version number or similar information in an executable file.


Places a library-search record in the object file. This comment type must be accompanied by a commentstring parameter containing the name (and possibly the path) of the library that you want the linker to search. Since the library name precedes the default library-search records in the object file, the linker searches for this library just as if you had named it on the command line. You can place multiple library-search records in the same source file; each record appears in the object file in the same order in which it is encountered in the source file.


Places a linker option in the object file. You can use this comment-type to specify a linker option instead  placing the option on the Link tab of the Project Settings dialog box. For example, you can specity the /include option to force the inclusion of a symbol:

#pragma comment(linker, "/include:__mySymbol")


Places a general comment in the object file. The commentstring parameter contains the text of the comment. This comment record is ignored by the linker.

The following pragma causes the linker to search for the EMAPI.LIB library while linking. The linker searches first in the current working directory and then in the path specified in the LIB environment variable.

#pragma comment( lib, "emapi" )

The following pragma causes the compiler to place the name and version number of the compiler in the object file:

#pragma comment( compiler )

Note   For comments that take a commentstring parameter, you can use a macro in any place where you would use a string literal, provided that the macro expands to a string literal. You can also concatenate any combination of string literals and macros that expand to string literals. For example, the following statement is acceptable:

#pragma comment( user, "Compiled on " __DATE__ " at " __TIME__ )