Merge Profiler Output

Visual Studio 6.0

Feature Only in Professional and Enterprise Editions   Profiling is supported only in Visual C++ Professional and Enterprise Editions. For more information, see .

With the profiler’s modular design, you can make several profiling runs without having to run PREP each time (see the following figure). After PREP has created .PBI and .PBT files, you can reuse these files with PROFILE to create multiple .PBO files. You can then merge the .PBO files using the PREP /IO command-line option with multiple .PBO files. The Visual C++ Profile dialog box contains a Merge option button that automates this process.

Combining PROFILE Sessions

If you profile and merge with different data, you can see if all functions or lines are being tested.

If you are doing function timing, the times that you will see are cumulative times for the first profile run and all subsequent merge runs. To determine the average time, divide all times by the number of profiler runs.