Visual Studio 6.0


Class CDocObjectServerItem, derived from COleServerItem, implements OLE server verbs specifically for DocObject servers.

CDocObjectServerItem defines overridable member functions: OnHide, OnOpen, and OnShow.

To use CDocObjectServerItem, assure that the OnGetEmbeddedItem override in your COleServerDoc-derived class returns a new CDocObjectServerItem object. If you need to change any functionality in your item, you can create a new instance of your own CDocObjectServerItem-derived class.

For further information on DocObjects, see CDocObjectServer and COleCmdUI in the MFC Class Library Reference. Also see and in Visual C++ Programmer's Guide.

#include <afxdocobj.h>

Class MembersBase ClassHierarchy Chart

See Also   CDocObjectServer, COleDocObjectItem