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Visual Basic Reference

Visual Studio 6.0

VBControlExtender Object

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Represents the Visual Basic VBControlExtender properties.




The VBControlExtender object is primarily used when dynamically adding a control to the Controls collection using the Add method. The VBControlExtender object is particularly useful for this purpose because it provides a generic set of properties, events, and methods to the developer. Another feature of the object is the ObjectEvent event which is designed to parse any event raised by a dynamically added control. The example below declares an object variable as VBControlExtender, and sets the variable when adding a control. The example also shows how you can program the ObjectEvent event.

Option Explicit
Dim WithEvents objExt As VBControlExtender ' Declare VBControlExtender variable WithEvents

Private Sub LoadControl()
   Licenses.Add "Project1.Control1", "ewrinvcmcoe"
   Set objExt = Controls.Add("Project1.Control1", "myCtl")
   objExt.Visible = True ' The control is invisible by default.
End Sub

Private Sub extObj_ObjectEvent(Info As EventInfo)
   ' Program the events of the control using Select Case.
   Select Case Info.Name
   Case "Click"
      ' Handle Click event here.
   ' Other cases now shown
   Case Else ' Unknown Event
      ' Handle unknown events here.
   End Select
End Sub

Restrictions on Setting the References to the Variable

There is one caveat to be aware of when setting the VBControlExtender object to a dynamically added control: intrinsic controls cannot be set to the variable.

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