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DEExtDesigner Object

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The DEExtDesigner object exposes itself, and its contained collections, through an object model. The DEExtDesigner object is the top-level container object in the Data Environment object model. This object provides a container for a set of related DEConnection and DECommand objects and collections.




You can easily define, modify, and use the DEExtDesigner object using the properties, methods, and events associated with each of the objects in the Data Environment object model.

Data Environment Object Model

The Data Environment object model closely matches how the objects are exposed through the user interface. While the Data Environment versions of Connection, Command, Field, and Parameter objects closely match, they are not ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). The objects contained in the Data Environment are used to persist the design-time settings of these objects, and at run time they create true ADO objects, such as Connections, Commands, and Recordsets.

For example, the Data Environment object model does not directly expose the ADO Recordset object. Therefore, the DEFields collection in the Data Environment object model branches from DECommands, whereas in the ADO model it branches from the Recordset object.

At design time, you can programmatically set these properties using the Extensibility Object Model. In addition, you can set these properties when designing a DataEnvironment object using the Command and Connection Properties dialog boxes or Visual Basic's Properties window.