Setting Font Style, Size, and Color

Setting Font Style, Size, and Color

Visual Studio 6.0

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You can change the font style, size, and color settings for any window with the Format command. You may discover that different fonts in various windows give visual clues about the function of the windows — the default setting for source windows, a different font for the Watch window, and so on. You can use the text font and size to better manage your window display of information.

Note   In addition to setting font coloring, you must enable syntax coloring in order to view colored text elements.

To change a font style, size, or color

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

  2. Select the Format tab.

  3. In the Category box, select the window you want to format

  4. In the Font box, select the font you want.

    The Font box displays the different fonts installed on your system. The text sample in the sample box changes to the font you select.

  5. In the Size box, select the font size you want.

    The Size box displays the sizes available for the selected font. The text sample in the sample box changes to the size you select.

  6. In the Colors box, select the type of text you want to color.

  7. In the Background box, select a background color; in the Foreground list box, select a foreground color.

  8. Click OK.

    Note   The Background and Foreground lists display the 16 standard colors and the Automatic setting. The text sample displayed in the Sample box changes to the color you select.

    The behavior of the Automatic setting depends on the element selected. For colors that map to standard system elements (such as foreground color, background color, or text selection color), the Automatic setting sets the element to the appropriate system color. For syntax coloring elements and other non-system defined colors, the Automatic setting indicates that the foreground color or background color from the same category is to be used.

Text within one category of window can be only one font and size. Multiple fonts cannot be displayed in the same category of source window.

The font and size settings apply to everything within the selected category, while the foreground and background color settings apply only to the selected element of that category.

Tip   You can reset the formatting options for a selected category to the default settings by choosing Reset All.

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