Selecting the Output

Visual Studio 6.0


DDESpy can display DDE information in a window or on your debugging terminal, or it can save the displayed information in a file for later use.

You use the Output menu to select where DDESpy sends output. If you choose the File command, you can specify the name of an output file, or choose the No File button. After you have chosen the File command, DDESpy asks you for an output filename every time you restart it. This prompt can be turned off by reopening the File dialog box and choosing the No File button.

From the Output menu, you can also choose to send your output to either a debug terminal or to the DDESpy window. If you choose a window, you can clear the display window using the Clear Screen command. You can use the Mark command to add marker text to the display — for example, before a DDE event to make it easier to find the event in the output file.

Output Menu Command Description
File Specifies the name of an output file.
Debug Terminal Sends your output to a debug terminal.
Screen Sends your output to a DDESpy window.
Clear Screen Clears the display window.
Mark Marks the text.