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Visual Studio 6.0

Help Constants

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Constant Value Description
cdlHelpContext &H1 Displays Help for a particular topic
cdlHelpQuit &H2 Notifies the Help application that the specified Help file is no longer in use
cdlHelpIndex &H3 Displays the index of the specified Help file
cdlHelpContents &H3 Displays the contents topic in the current Help file
cdlHelpHelpOnHelp &H4 Displays Help for using the Help application itself
cdlHelpSetIndex &H5 Sets the current index for multi-index Help
cdlHelpSetContents &H5 Designates a specific topic as the contents topic
cdlHelpContextPopup &H8 Displays a topic identified by a context number
cdlHelpForceFile &H9 Creates a Help file that displays text in only one font
cdlHelpKey &H101 Displays Help for a particular keyword
cdlHelpCommandHelp &H102 Displays Help for a particular command
cdlHelpPartialKey &H105 Calls the search engine in Windows Help