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Visual Basic for Applications Reference

Visual Studio 6.0

GetAbsolutePathName Method

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Returns a complete and unambiguous path from a provided path specification.



The GetAbsolutePathName method syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. Always the name of a FileSystemObject.
pathspec Required. Path specification to change to a complete and unambiguous path.


A path is complete and unambiguous if it provides a complete reference from the root of the specified drive. A complete path can only end with a path separator character (\) if it specifies the root folder of a mapped drive.

Assuming the current directory is c:\mydocuments\reports, the following table illustrates the behavior of the GetAbsolutePathName method.

pathspec Returned path
"c:" "c:\mydocuments\reports"
"c:.." "c:\mydocuments"
"c:\\\" "c:\"
"c:*.*\may97" "c:\mydocuments\reports\*.*\may97"
"region1" "c:\mydocuments\reports\region1"
"c:\..\..\mydocuments" "c:\mydocuments"

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