Opening the Windows View

Visual Studio 6.0

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To open the Windows view

  • From the Spy menu, choose Windows.

The figure below shows the Spy++ representation of the Windows view with the first level expanded.

The Spy++ Windows View

The current desktop window is at the top of the tree. All other windows are children of the desktop, and are listed according to the standard window hierarchy, with sibling windows ordered by Z-order. You can collapse or expand the whole tree by clicking the + or – symbol for the top-level window.

The Windows view is most useful if you need to find a particular window. If you start with a tree expanded at the second level (all windows that are children of the desktop), then you can identify the desktop-level window that you want by its class name and title. Once you have found the desktop-level window, you can expand the level to find a specific child window.

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