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Graphics Constants

Visual Basic Reference

Visual Studio 6.0

Graphics Constants

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FillStyle Property

Constant Value Description
vbFSSolid 0 Solid
vbFSTransparent 1 Transparent
vbHorizontalLine 2 Horizontal line
vbVerticalLine 3 Vertical line
vbUpwardDiagonal 4 Upward diagonal
vbDownwardDiagonal 5 Downward diagonal
vbCross 6 Cross
vbDiagonalCross 7 Diagonal cross

ScaleMode Property

Constant Value Description
vbUser 0 User
vbTwips 1 Twips
vbPoints 2 Points
vbPixels 3 Pixels
vbCharacters 4 Characters
vbInches 5 Inches
vbMillimeters 6 Millimeters
vbCentimeters 7 Centimeters
vbHiMetric 8 HiMetric
vbContainerPosition 9 Units used by the control's container to determine the control's position
vbContainerSize 10 Units used by the control's container to determine the control's size

PaletteMode Property

Constant Value Description
vbPaletteModeHalfTone 0 Use system halftone palette
vbPaletteModeUseZOrder 1 Use palette from topmost control that has a palette
vbPaletteModeCustom 2 Use palette specified in Palette property
vbPaletteModeContainer 3 Use the container's palette for containers that support ambient Palette property
vbPaletteModeNone 4 Do not use any palette
vbPaletteModeObject 5 Use the ActiveX designer's palette

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