Visual Basic Reference

Visual Studio 6.0

Drag-and-Drop Constants

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DragOver and OLEDragOver Event

Constant Value Description
vbEnter 0 Source control dragged into target
vbLeave 1 Source control dragged out of target
vbOver 2 Source control dragged from one position in target to another

Drag Method (Controls)

Constant Value Description
vbCancel 0 Cancel drag operation
vbBeginDrag 1 Begin dragging control
vbEndDrag 2 Drop control

DragMode Property

Constant Value Description
vbManual 0 Manual
vbAutomatic 1 Automatic

OLEDragMode Property

Constant Value Description
vbOLEDragManual 0 Manual
vbOLEDragAutomatic 1 Automatic

OLEDropMode Property

Constant Value Description
vbOLEDropNone 0 None
vbOLEDropManual 1 Manual
vbOLEDropAutomatic 2 Automatic

OLE Drop Effect

Constant Value Description
vbOLEDropEffectNone 0 No OLE drag/drop operation has taken place
vbOLEDropEffectCopy 1 A mask indicating that a copy operation has taken, or would take, place
vbOLEDropEffectMove 2 A mask indicating that a move operation has taken, or would take, place
vbOLEDropEffectScroll &H80000000 A mask indicating that the drop target window has scrolled, or will scroll