DDE Constants

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DDE Constants

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linkerr (LinkError Event)

Constant Value Description
vbWrongFormat 1 Another application requested data in wrong format
vbDDESourceClosed 6 Destination application attempted to continue after source closed
vbTooManyLinks 7 All source links are in use
vbDataTransferFailed 8 Failure to update data in destination

LinkMode Property (Forms and Controls)

Constant Value Description
vbLinkNone 0 None
vbLinkSource 1 Source (forms only)
vbLinkAutomatic 1 Automatic (controls only)
vbLinkManual 2 Manual (controls only)
vbLinkNotify 3 Notify (controls only)

LinkMode Property (Only for backward compatibility with Visual Basic version 1.0; use new constants instead)

Constant Value Description
vbHot 1 Hot (controls only)
vbServer 1 Server (forms only)
vbCold 2 Cold (controls only)

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