ComDlg32: Common Dialog Boxes

Visual Studio 6.0

The ComDlg32 sample demonstrates how to use the file open common dialog box. It shows how to create a hook procedure for GetOpenFileName.

Building SDK Samples

This sample uses the following keywords:

closehandle; comdlg32dlgproc; commdlg_opensave_getfilepath; commdlg_opensave_getfolderpath; commdlg_opensave_getspec; commdlgextendederror; createfile; createwindow; defwindowproc; dialogbox; dispatchmessage; enddialog; enternew; getdlgitemtext; getfilesize; getmessage; getopenfilename; getparent; getstockobject; getwindowlong; globalalloc; initapplication; initinstance; loadcursor; loadicon; loadstring; mainwndproc; makeintresource; messagebox; movewindow; openthefile; postquitmessage; processcderror; readfile; registerclass; registerwindowmessage; sendmessage; setdlgitemtext; setwindowlong; showwindow; strcpy; switch; testnotify; translatemessage; updatewindow; winmain