Visual Basic: RDO Data Control

Visual Studio 6.0

rdoQueries Collection

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Contains rdoQuery objects that have been added to the rdoQueries collection either automatically via the CreateQuery method, or with the Add method.


An rdoQuery object is automatically appended to the rdoQueries collection when you use the CreateQuery method of the rdoConnection object. You can also use the Add method against the rdoQueries collection supplying a stand-alone rdoQuery object as the argument.

When you use the Close method against and rdoQuery object, it is removed from the rdoQueries collection, but the object remains instantiated. By resetting the ActiveConnection property, you can associate the rdoQuery object with another connection and use the Add method to append it to the rdoQueries collection.

An rdoQuery object need not be a member of the rdoQueries collection before it can be associated with an rdoConnection object and used with the Execute or OpenResultset methods.