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Visual Basic: RDO Data Control

Visual Studio 6.0

rdoPreparedStatements Collection

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An rdoPreparedStatements collection contains all rdoPreparedStatement objects in an rdoConnection.


Note   The rdoPreparedStatements collection is outdated and maintained for compatibility. It should be replaced with the rdoQueries collection. The rdoQuery object and rdoQueries collection supports all of the rdoPreparedStatement object's properties and methods.  In contrast, the rdoPreparedStatement supports only a subset of the rdoQuery object's properties and methods and none of its events.

Note   RDO requires that your ODBC driver support a number of Level II options and support the SQLNumParams, SQLProcedureColumns and SQLDescribeParam ODBC API functions in order to be able to create the rdoParameters collection and parse SQL statement parameter markers. While some drivers can be used to create and execute queries, if your driver does not support creation of the rdoParameters collection, RDO fails quietly and simply does not create the collection.

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