Visual Basic: RDO Data Control

Visual Studio 6.0

rdoConnections Collection

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An rdoConnections collection contains all rdoConnection objects opened or created in an rdoEnvironment object of the remote database engine, or allocated and appended to the rdoConnections collection using the Add method.


The rdoConnections collection is used to manage your rdoConnection objects. However, only rdoConnection objects created using the OpenConnection method, or using the RemoteData control are automatically appended to the collection. When you allocate a stand-alone rdoConnection object, it is not appended to the rdoConnections collection until you use the Add method.

Note   RDO 1.0 collections behave differently than Data Access Object (DAO) collections. When you Set a variable containing a reference to a RDO object like rdoResultset, the existing rdoResultset is not closed and removed from the rdoResultsets collection. The existing object remains open and a member of its respective collection.

In contrast, RDO 2.0 collections do not behave in this manner. When you use the Set statement to assign a variable containing a reference to an RDO object, the existing object is closed and removed from the associated collection. This change is designed to make RDO more compatible with DAO.

Closing rdoConnection Objects

When you use the Close method against an rdoConnection object, any open rdoResultset, or rdoQuery objects are closed and the rdoConnection object is removed from the rdoConnections collection. However, if the rdoConnection object simply loses scope, these objects remain open until the rdoConnection or the objects are explicitly closed.