Visual Basic for Applications Reference

Dir Function Example

This example uses the Dir function to check if certain files and directories exist.

Dim MyFile, MyPath, MyName
' Returns "WIN.INI"  if it exists.
MyFile = Dir("C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI")   

' Returns filename with specified extension. If more than one *.ini
' file exists, the first file found is returned.
MyFile = Dir("C:\WINDOWS\*.INI")

' Call Dir again without arguments to return the next *.INI file in the 
' same directory.
MyFile = Dir

' Return first *.TXT file with a set hidden attribute.
MyFile = Dir("*.TXT", vbHidden)

' Display the names in C:\ that represent directories.
MyPath = "c:\"   ' Set the path.
MyName = Dir(MyPath, vbDirectory)   ' Retrieve the first entry.
Do While MyName <> ""   ' Start the loop.
   ' Ignore the current directory and the encompassing directory.
   If MyName <> "." And MyName <> ".." Then
      ' Use bitwise comparison to make sure MyName is a directory.
      If (GetAttr(MyPath & MyName) And vbDirectory) = vbDirectory Then
         Debug.Print MyName   ' Display entry only if it
      End If   ' it represents a directory.
   End If
   MyName = Dir   ' Get next entry.