Automation Object Model

Visual Studio 6.0

Shell scripting (automation) has been enhanced in Visual C++ 6.0 to give you more flexibility in creating and building projects.

New Automation Properties and Methods

New property Action
IConfiguration::Configurations Gets the Configurations object for the project. The Configurations object contains all configuration objects which are in the subprojects of this project and have a matching configuration name.
IApplication::Errors Gets the number of errors that occurred during the last build.
IApplication::Warnings Gets the number of warnings that occurred during the last build.

New method Action
IBuildProject::AddConfiguration Adds a configuration to the project.
IConfiguration::AddCustomBuildStepToFile Adds a custom build step to a specified file.
IBuildProject::AddFile Adds a file to the project.
IConfiguration::AddFileSettings Changes the settings of a specified file.
IApplication::AddProject Creates a new project and adds it to the workspace.
IApplication::Clean Cleans a specified configuration by deleting all intermediate and output files generated by the configuration.
IConfiguration::MakeCurrentSettingsDefault Changes the default settings for this configuration to the values of the current settings.
IConfiguration::RemoveFileSettings Removes the settings of a specified file.

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Script Debugger

If you have Visual Studio installed, the Script Debugger enables you to debug shell automation scripts, as well as HTML pages that contain Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript) or JScript™ (Microsoft's implementation of JavaScript™). If your shell script contains an error, a dialog box automatically appears and prompts you to run the Script Debugger. See also Script Debugger (

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